UQ Energy Monitoring Trial

Would you like a $395 energy monitor installed free of charge? Read on....

Background: Electricity use constitutes a major household expense, yet people typically lack any kind of point-of-sale information for electricity. In this study we are offering a participants (i.e. you) a home energy monitor valued at ($395) installed free of charge for 12 months with the ability to own it outright.

What you have to do: This study is limited to residents of greater Brisbane and involves adopting (free of charge) a Phisaver energy monitor for a 12-month period. The Phisaver consists of circuit monitoring hardware installed in the meter box which communicates over WIFI to visualise energy use on a display in the home. Households can choose where they would like their display to be placed. Part of the project is regular engagement with the researchers throughout the trial, e.g. semi-structured interviews on up to four occasions over the 12 months, completing energy diaries for specific weeks that detail factors affecting their energy use and responding to short email or phone surveys about preferences for improvements to their energy visualisations. For your participation you will receive free of charge a Phisaver energy monitor (www.phisaver.com).


(1) Read in full the Participant Information Sheet which has all the details of the project

(2) Read the Consent Form, so you know what you're consenting to, but don't sign this yet.

(3) If you've read these documents and you'd like to participate: REGISTER YOUR INTEREST WITH THIS SURVEY and we will get in contact with you. Please note registering interest does not guarantee participation.

Brisbane area only, any further questions, please contact Steve: s.snow@uq.edu.au

Ethics clearance This study adheres to the Guidelines of the ethical review process of The University of Queensland and the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (approval number: NH03343). You are welcome to discuss your participation in this study with the investigators:

Steve Snow (s.snow@uq.edu.au, or 0417079392) Stephen Viller (viller@itee.uq.edu.au or 07 3365 1190) Neil Horrocks (n.horrocks@uq.edu.au or 0417795851) If you would like to speak to an officer of the University not involved in the study, you may contact the Ethics Coordinator on 3365 3924.

Phisaver energy monitor

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