The Digital Economy Crucible

Last year I was accepted into the Digital Economy Crucible, a UK-wide multidisciplinary leadership program, providing a select group of early career academics. This involved attending a set of three skills labs on achieving research impact, grant writing, interaction with media and leadership, based in Swansea, Edinburgh and London. More information on the skills labs is HERE.

The skills labs were of huge benefit academically, but perhaps even more so, was the network of ambitious, clever and motivated ECR's attending and the length and space afforded during the skills labs to get to know many of the fellow "Cruciblees" to the point of collaborating with four fellow members towards a small pot of seed-funding available from the Digital Economy EPSRC grant.

Running again in 2018 I am a proud ambassator for the program and this week was pleased to invite the Crucible organiser Tashi to Southampton and organise an event with our Head of School Prof Paul Lewin, to co-present an information seminar on the Crucible and information for interested applicants from Southampton. Tweets from this specific event are HERE, where Cherish's Twitter account can be accessed.

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