I am a Research Fellow at the University of Queensland, Australia. My research sits at the intersection between humans and technology: human-computer interaction (HCI). Presently, this involves mixed methods research into future energy systems and the role of visualisations in improving energy literacy. I have previously researched the effect of indoor air quality on cognitive performance and family finances, but always how technologies in these various domains can be designed to be more responsive to human needs. I was previously module lead of the University of Southampton's undergraduate HCI module: Interaction Design.

UQ Energy monitoring trial

We are currently looking for participants who are interested in receiving free of charge an energy use feedback monitoring system- www.phisaver.com.

Participants must own their home and live in the Brisbane area. For more information and to apply, visit CLICK HERE

Research participation

We are also currently looking for:

(a) people with children between 7-11 years old to interview about serious games to engage kids with energy saving.

(b) people with non-standard energy use requirements (e.g. at home medical devices, home businesses etc).

Let me know if you can help! Contact: s.snow@uq.edu.au


Two-part report for Defra finalised

Over summer through to October 2018 I was seconded 25% to the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). The end result of this secondment has been the preparation and delivery of a two-part report to Defra involving a systematic review of behaviour change interventions aimed at improving air quality awareness and occupant actions.

This secondment marks the start of future collaborations towards policy impact in the areas of public health and indoor air quality. The two-part report is freely available at the links below.

Chair: Case Studies
CHI Conference 2017 

I co-chaired the Case Studies track at CHI'17 in Denver, CA with fellow UX researcher Jess Tsimeris. We curated a program of Case Study papers which showcases the best practical HCI work from academia and industry. 



In the UK I supervised to completion:
6x Part III project students
2x Group Design Project (Masters)
I currently have UQ ITEE thesis project students investigating:
* Games to engage kids with energy use
* The design of eco-feedback technologies
* Visualisation tools for energy network asset management


ReFresh: How do the offices we work in affect our health and productivity? How can we design technology to enable increased performance and comfort in indoor spaces? The ReFresh Project - a five year EPSRC project in which I work investigates exactly this. My research specifically aims to identify the social factors which can affect the ways people operate their buildings, how this affects their well-being, and the design of technology to enable building occupants to improve their comfort and performance within their sphere of influence.

UbiComp workshop

I was proud to have a workshop accepted and ran at the 2018 UbiComp conference in Singapore, October 8-12th with collaborators m.c. schraefel (University of Southampton) and Amy Jenkins (Swansea University).

The Performance Right Now workshop brings together researchers working on (a) air quality (b) exercise/movement, with the intention of identifying common design touchpoints and ideating how these factors can be combined and leveraged to leverage better human performance at work.


See the workshop website for more details!

Living well on a low income: Economic qualifiers such as "low income" categorise cohorts of people by their purchasing power alone. This neglects the important social dimensions of money and the various creative ways in which people share, save and live well despite their low income. In this work we ran a series of qualitative interviews and a workshop exploring these issues with financially disadvantaged communities in Brisbane Australia.

Data science lecture series

Data science lecture still.png

I recently gave a hour's seminar on my work and collaborations within the ReFresh Project recently as part of the University of Southampton's Data Science Lecture Series. The video of the talk remains property of the university; the slides for the talk are available by clicking on the image above.